TN: Dist collectors asked to ensure Covid appropriate behaviour


The Tamil Nadu Health Department on Wednesday directed the District Collectors to ensure that Covid-19 appropriate behaviour is followed in the state.

In a circular, Tamil Nadu Health Secretary, J Radhakrishnan said the number of fresh Covid cases in the state has marginally increased from less than 25 to 30 on Tuesday.

He pointed out that the rise in fresh Covid-19 cases in Delhi where it stood at 632 from 82 on April 4 is of concern.

Radhakrishnan in the circular said that the Test Positivity Rate in Delhi is 5 per cent from less than 1 per cent a few days ago, and things should not be taken lightly.

The state health secretary pointed out that Maharashtra has also seen a slight rise in Covid -19 fresh cases.

In the circular, he said: “At a stage, where we should aim at virus suppression, it is noted that isolated cases are still getting reported and we need to keep monitoring the trajectory of cases and also test positivity rate at district and sub-district levels.”

The Health Secretary also directed the district collectors to refocus on mask-wearing in public places, hospitals and crowded places.

The health secretary directed the district collectors and district medical officers to follow up and ensure that those who are eligible for the booster dose vaccine have taken it.

Tamil Nadu Health Minister, Ma Subramanian told IANS: “There is a slight increase in Covid-19 cases and the health department has taken extra precaution. It has directed all the district collectors to ensure that people are following Covid appropriate behaviour. The government is not willing to take any chances and the district collectors and district medical officers have been directed to closely monitor the situation at the local level.”



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