TN district police launches helpline for senior citizens


The Cuddalore district police have launched a helpline for senior citizens who are staying alone and not being able to go out of their homes to buy medicines and other essentials.

The district police Superintendent Sree Abhinav is monitoring the helpline which is available round the clock. A team of police personal will be managing the helpline under Abhinav.

Police personal in the concerned jurisdictional areas will be supporting the initiative by delivering essential goods, including groceries, medicines and other necessary services to senior citizens.

Senior citizens are to send in their requirements along with their addresses and messages, which will then be forwarded to the concerned stations.

A police officer of Inspector-rank attached with the helpline told IANS: “This is a project envisaged and implemented by the Cuddalore SP and we are doing our best to support the senior citizens in this endeavor. The senor citizens requires groceries and medicines and most of the calls are for these necessities.”