TN: DMK youth wing for doubling its membership by 2024


Youth wing of the DMK in Tamil Nadu has decided to double its membership by 2024 before the Lok Sabha elections.

A recent meeting of the youth wing office-bearers held at the party headquarters in Chennai under the leadership of Udhayanidhi Stalin has chalked out the strategy for doubling the membership, according to sources in the party.

At present, the youth wing of the party has 25 lakh members and Udhayanidhi Stalin has directed the four deputy secretaries of the youth body to shoulder the responsibility to double the membership.

Currently, there are 7,000 to 8,000 members in each district, each of whom will be assigned to add 10 to 15 members each enabling the youth body to attain the requisite number.

A state-level youth wing leader from Erode who attended the meeting while speaking to IANS said: “The idea is clear and we have to have minimum of 25,000 members in each Lok Sabha constituency. The overwhelming response seen during the electioneering by Udhayanidhi is a clear indicator that he has an appeal among the youths and this needs to be capitalised for the membership drive of the party youth wing.”

Udhayanidhi Stalin, according to the state-level leader, was forthcoming in the meeting and had told the office-bearers that there was nothing other than strengthening the party at the grassroots and not to rest with the laurels achieved in the Urban polls.

The youth leader said: “Udhayanidhi Stalin also knew all the office-bearers of the party at the district level in each district of the state and he is trying to expand his contact with the grassroots units of the party. In the long run, this will do him really well, and slowly but surely he is developing into a big-time leader and youth body must reciprocate his gestures by the support we provide him.”



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