TN expects Kerala to allow full level at Siruvani dam amid rains

Tamil Nadu Water Resources officials are expecting the Kerala side will allow the Siruvani dam to touch the Full Reservoir Level (FRL) of 50 feet as incessant rains in its catchment area have led to increase in its water levels.

The dam is situated in Palakkad in deep forests between Kalladikodan and Muthikulam hills and heavy rains have been continuously lashing in the area for the past couple of days.

Water from Siruvani dam is the main source of drinking water for the Coimbatore municipal corporation area. As per an inter-state water agreement between Kerala and Tamil Nadu in 1973, Kerala has to supply 1.30 TMC annually from July 1 to 30 the next year to Tamil Nadu for a period of 99 years.

According to Tamil Nadu Water Resources department sources, Kerala, for the past seven years, has not allowed water in Siruvani dam touch the FRL and has been discharging water when it touches 45 feet.

Lowering of water level by 5 feet results in a shortage of 122.05 MCFT, which is 19 percent of the dam’s storage and makes it difficult for the Coimbatore Municipal Corporation to cater to the drinking water needs of the city.

Department sources told IANS that the water level in the dam is 40.34 feet, as of Saturday, and they are expecting the water level to rise above 45 feet in the coming days.




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