TN farmers to get loans for drones

The farmers of Tamil Nadu will now get loans for buying drones that can be used for spraying fertilisers in agricultural fields.

The drone manufacturing startup supported by Anna University has developed an agricultural drone, DH-AG-HI or Agrigator drone which is the only certified petrol engine-based hybrid drone that doesn’t require frequent change of batteries. Each such agro drone will cost between Rs 10 to 12 lakh.

The loans for the drones to the farmers will be provided by the Union Bank of India.

The Union Government is also promoting drone eco-system to raise awareness on the support, drones can provide to modern-day agriculture.

The farmers and Agriprenuers will be provided with subsidy schemes to promote drones among the farming community of the state.

The Tamil Nadu agriculture budget for the financial year 2022-23 has laid emphasis on the use of technology like drones, Information technology and for involving major industries to ensure remunerative prices for farmers.

The state agricultural department is creating awareness about drone technology by imparting adequate training on the use of drones.




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