TN forest department monitoring leopard that killed cat

The Tamil Nadu forest department is closely monitoring the movements of a leopard that recently killed a domestic cat and later walked into Valparai town.

A senior officer with the Valparai Forest division told IANS that four forest officers are monitoring the leopard and have warned the people of the area to keep the domestic animals including pets and cattle in proper enclosures with sufficient protection.

The leopard was captured in the CCTV visuals of shops in Valparai town walking through the street. The leopard had on Monday killed a cat and then walked through the street.

The Valparai division Forest officer, G. Venkatesh told media persons that the department was closely monitoring the movement of the leopard and is bent on preventing any man-animal conflict in the area.

He said that there has been one complaint regarding the killing of a cat and not any other complaint of a domestic animal or cattle being killed by the leopard.

Forest officials also told IANS that the department will monitor closely the movement of the leopard and if it is again venturing into the human settlements, the department would decide on further action.




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