TN govt invites public input on online games ban

The Tamil Nadu government has requested the public to provide inputs on the proposed legislation on online games.

The government wants input from stakeholders, including the parents, students, teachers, youth, psychologists, political leaders, and online game providers, before Friday.

The state government in a statement on Monday said that all the political leaders, psychologists, and social activists have cited the negative impacts of online games in the lives of people. The critics have also pointed out that several people including women were taking their lives due to addiction in online games and were unable to pay the huge debts that they incur by playing the games without holds.

It may be noted that Tamil Nadu has witnessed 20 deaths in the recent past due to the rising debts caused owing to the loss of playing online games including rummy.

The Tamil Nadu government had formed a panel headed by Justice( rtd) K. Chandru to provide recommendations on new online gaming legislation. The state government will be considering the report of the Justice Chandru committee after getting inputs from the stakeholders.

The state government in the statement said that the general public can provide inputs to before Friday. Organisations, who want to personally meet the concerned authorities, are to submit a request before 5 p.m. on Tuesday. These organisations will be provided with time slots and their consultation will commence from Thursday and the organisations will be permitted to meet the concerned authorities only after they reserve their time slots.




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