TN inoculates 16.32 lakh people in 8th mega vaccination camp


The Tamil Nadu Health Department said that 16.32 lakh people were inoculated against Covid-19 as part of the state’s eighth mega vaccination camp.

While speaking to IANS, state Health minister Ma Subramanian said: “We inoculated a total of 16,32,498 people on Sunday. The heavy rains did dampen the spirit a little but nurses conducted door-to-door vaccinations in an effort to inoculate the maximum number of people as early as possible. We must not let our guards down as the pandemic is dangerous and can be fatal if vaccinations are not taken on time.”

The Minister said that 75 lakh people are due for the second dose and that nurses will be reaching the doorsteps to inoculate them.

Vaccinations took place in 50,000 centres spread across the state.

Of this 16,32,498 people, 5,44,809 people took their first dose, while 10,87,669 were administered the second shot, according to the health department.

In the first vaccination camp held on September 12, 28.91 lakh people were inoculated, while the number was 16.43 lakh in the second camp, 25.04 lakh in the third, 17.04 lakh in the fourth, 22.85 lakh in the fifth, 23.27 in the sixth camp and 17.20 lakh in the seventh.

The state is conducting a hectic door-to-door inoculation programme and is aiming to complete the vaccination for 1.04 lakh people who are yet to receive their first dose.