TN orders spot fine for those not wearing masks

Tamil Nadu Health Secretary J. Radhakrishnan has ordered spot fine of Rs 200 on anyone found without a mask in the state amid rising cases of Covid in the country.

The state health secretary directed conducting of inspection at various places in the Chennai city along with health and corporation officials and ordered fine for people not wearing a mask.

Speaking to IANS, Radhakrishnan said: “There is surging Covid cases and people should not take it lightly. You can see the increase in cases in Maharashtra and Kerala and if people behaves like this, there will be a major increase in Tamil Nadu also which will turn difficult for the state and hence these measures.”

The state health secretary also checked the containment zones in Chennai and said that around 4,000 beds are ready at Covid care centres in Chennai city.

The state health department has already collected 13 crores from 14 lakh people as fine for not wearing masks.

However, in the villages, the people are not wearing masks and even government officials are reluctant to wear masks. Areas around Theni, Kanyakumari, parts of Salem, villages around Erode, Dindigal, Pazhani, Madurai and Tirunelvelli have reported on people not wearing masks.