TN Overseas Manpower Corporation signs MoU for jobs to maids


Tamil Nadu Overseas Manpower Corporation (OMC), a division of the state labour department, has entered a Memorandum of Understanding with Kuwait Gate Foundation (KGF) for the recruitment of maids to Kuwait. As a first step, 500 maids would be provided jobs in Kuwait, according to the Managing Director of the Corporation, C.N. Maheswaran.

In a statement on Saturday, the OMC said it is intervening in the recruitment of maids to foreign countries to prevent exploitation and to provide security and safety to the maids from Tamil Nadu in foreign countries.

The Managing Director of OMC said that the corporation is working to provide secure and safe jobs for the people of Tamil Nadu in foreign countries on the directive from Chief Minister, M.K. Stalin and labour and skill development minister, C.V. Ganeshan.

The OMC is trying to enter into contracts and MoUs with various foreign companies for providing jobs to people of Tamil Nadu and the MoU with the KGF is one such initiative, the statement said.

The organization also said that it has been reaching out to various authorities and foreign countries to establish a network for sending a workforce from India to these countries.

The OMC has also requested those who are looking for jobs in foreign countries approach the corporation and register with the district employment centres.

The statement from the OMC said: “The objective of the MoU is to ensure safe migration and working atmosphere for the people from Tamil Nadu who are going to foreign countries in search of a livelihood. It is also aimed at exploring available opportunities and facilitating eligible candidates, who are registering with OMC to get suitable jobs and for safe and secure jobs.”


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