TN power utility to segregate agricultural power lines to reduce power loss

The Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Company (Tangedco) is set to segregate agricultural power lines across the state to reduce the power line losses.

According to officials, Tangedco’s power line losses are currently pegged at 13.5 per cent.

There are presently 1,686 feeders from which power is supplied to agricultural connections, domestic, commercial, and industrial connections, and Tangedco has now decided to sever 475 agricultural connections from the currently existing feeders, which is part of the Central government’s revamped sector scheme to reduce transmission losses.

According to Tangedco officials, 99 agricultural feeders will be segregated from transformers and other feeders and the cost for the project is estimated to be about Rs 534.86 crore.

The power utility will also be replacing old lines for a distance of 206.50 km with an expenditure pegged at Rs 15.41 crore and new poles may also be installed for this.

Tangedco is expecting to reduce the power line transmission losses from the present 13.5 per cent to 11.92 per cent, in a gradual manner, through the segregation of feeders as well as new lines for power transmission.

Officials told IANS that measuring power units supplied to agricultural connections would also be easier by segregating power lines. This, according to an official, will be of help in controlling the problems of low voltage to agricultural connections.

However, farmers said that Tangedco must ensure free power for agriculturists.

C.K. Mohandas, a farmer association leader of Tiruchi, told IANS: “The farmers are not much amused on the segregation of agricultural feeders, we are expecting free power connections to at least a minimum number of units.”

He also demanded that Tangedco officials identify illegal tapping of power and improper lift irrigation in riverbeds as many farmers are affected.




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