TN to celebrate Raja Raja Cholan’s birth anniv as govt function

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M.K. Stalin on Wednesday said that the state Government would celebrate the birth anniversary of the legendary King Raja Raja Cholan as an official function from 2022 onwards.

The birth anniversary of the King falls on November 3.

In an official statement, the Chief Minister said that the government is announcing the celebration as a government function following several requests he has been receiving from across the state and from diaspora.

He also said that the mausoleum of Raja Raja Chola at Thanjavur would be renovated soon. The Chief Minister noted that many people celebrate the birth anniversary of Raja Raja Cholan in Thanjavur during Aippasi Sathayam.

Raja Raja Cholan born as Arumozhi Varman or Arulmozhi Varman was the most powerful Tamil King in South India and is remembered for reinstating the Chola influence.

He is credited to have constructed the foremost temple of South India, Rajarajeswaram temple at the Chola capital of Thanjavur.




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