TN to establish Ornithological Conservation Centre

An Orinithological conservation Centre will come up at the Agaram Reserve Forest near the Kaliveli brid sanctuary, under the Tindivanam forest division in Tamil Nadu.

The forest department of the state is in the process of establishing the Centre.

The Kaliveli bird sanctuary is spread across Kaliveli lake in an area of 670 sqkm. This is one of the major wetlands on the Coromandel coast.

Indian Bird Conservation Network and Birdlife international have assessed that Kaliveli wetland supports more than 20,000 birds every year.

The Conservation centre will have a visitor’s area and an administrative area. The visitor’s area will include well-augmented realty projected tunnel-shaped entry wall as well as a Birds Interpretation centre.

The facility will also have a bird model based on their habitats and environment in the Kaliveli Bird Sanctuary.

According to forest department officials, the centre will help in creating awareness about migratory birds, their evolution and on conservation of birds and their importance.

Migratory fly pathways of different species of birds will be depicted in the centre which includes digital information about the country of their origin and the stoppage of flying routes. The nests of different birds, their beak and feet will also be shown digitally at the centre.

A reference research centre is also planned in the Ornithological Conservation Centre with reference books, research materials on migratory birds, their history, the seasons wherein they reach different continents and such details. This is to help the students and general public interested in nature to get a better awareness of nature.

A bird treatment centre is also planned along with the Ornithological Centre.

Sources in the forest department told IANS that an initial amount of Rs 1 crore has been sanctioned from the Comprehensive Afforestation Fund Management and Planning Authority (CAMPA) scheme.

Tamil Nadu forest department sources told IANS that there won’t be any shortage of funds for the Centre.




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