TN to focus on Covid vaccine in select districts


Tamil Nadu Minister for health and family welfare Ma Subramanian has said that the state health department will be focusing on Ranipet, Tirupattur, Kanniyakumari, Theni, and Dharmapuri districts to increase the vaccine coverage.

In a statement on Tuesday, the state health minister said that this was following reports that nine districts in the state have less than 70 per cent vaccine coverage.

Ranipet is the lowest as far as the vaccination coverage is concerned with only 74 per cent having the first dose and 59 per cent having the second dose of vaccine, Ma Subramanian said.

Districts such as Kanniyakumari, Tirupatur, Dharmapuri, and Theni have only 62-65 per cent coverage of the second dose. The minister said that the state health department will continue holding free vaccination camps and would encourage people to take two doses of the vaccine, the statement said.

The state health department also requested people above 60 years of age to take the booster dose nine months after the second dose of the vaccine.

Sources in the department told IANS that the state is considering conducting mega vaccination camps only once a month instead of the weekly camps.

It is to be noted that around 50,000 mega vaccination camps were held in the state every week. The camps were held with the support of around two lakh staff, volunteers, and 8,000 vehicles.



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