Toilet cleaner hurled at neighbour after quarrel over pet dog in Delhi

A video of an acid-like substance being hurled at a man following a quarrel over a pet dog in Delhi’s Uttam Nagar area has now surfaced.

The man, identified as Rajeshwar, is the father of the boy, Abhishek Kumar, who had taken his pet dog out for a walk.

According to the information, the police got a call about the incident at around 10 p.m. on Saturday night that acid was thrown at a man.

“Residents of a house got into a quarrel with a person who was taking a dog for a walk. They alleged that the dog dirtied the area in front of their house. This led to a quarrel between the groups. It is alleged that an acidic substance was thrown by the occupants of the house at the other party,” said the police.

The police said that prima facie, it appeared that toilet cleaner liquid was used.

The police also claimed that they recovered a toilet cleaner liquid bottle from the accused home.

A case has been lodged and the accused have been detained.

Further investigations in the matter are on.




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