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Tom Cruise ‘still’ dances in his underwear like in 1983 hit ‘Risky Business’

Hollywood actor Tom Cruise jokes that he “still” dances in his underwear 40 years after the iconic scene in ‘Risky Business’.

Cruise, who is currently promoting his new film, ‘Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One’, said that the 1983 film ‘Risky Business’ helped him on the path to action stardom.

As per People, in an interview to Access Hollywood, the actor reminisced about the popular scene in ‘Risky Business’ in which he danced in only a shirt, briefs, and socks.

Cruise, 60, joked: “Look, I grew up dancing in my underwear in my house. Who didn’t?”

Asked if such dancing continues 40 years later, he responded with a smile: “Yeah, I still (do).”

In the scene in ‘Risky Business’, Cruise plays the teenaged character of Joel Goodsen who is celebrating a house to himself, and struts and dances to Bob Seger’s rendition of ‘Old Time Rock & Roll’.

Cruise expressed awe that the film turns 40 this year. “That’s amazing,” he told Access Hollywood. “I made it in ’82, I was 19 when I made it. I’ll never forget that night, that day that I shot that scene.”

‘Risky Business’ writer and director Paul Brickman said that he worked with the actor on its famous opening shot of Cruise sliding into the centre of the frame after Cruise choreographed the dance sequence.

“I had to figure out how I slide across the floor in my socks,” remembered the Oscar nominee.

“So I saw the opening frame and I go, ‘I want to hit centre frame’. And it didn’t work. And then I said, ‘Well, let’s just put (slick) stuff on the floor – and I slid all the way across.”

A sticky spray placed in the centre of the frame eventually did the trick, Cruise added, revealing how “it was a learning experience for me…I went to the editing room and I saw the shots and looked at how editorially they were putting it together. So I started really understanding that cinematic process right from the very beginning.”

He continued: “I feel very lucky to have that opportunity, to be able to have that kind of script and that kind of material at that age.”



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