Tom Holland on ‘Uncharted’, the game, and filming on real sets

Hollywood star Tom Holland, best known for his title role in the ‘Spider-Man’ trilogy, will soon be seen in the upcoming action-adventure film ‘Uncharted’.

Holland recently spoke about the experience of shooting for the film on real sets, thereby limiting the reliance on the chroma set-up. The decision to work extensively on real sets was taken by the film’s director Ruben Fleischer.

“When you make these big, big action movies, you’re just acting on a blue screen,” Holland said. “For this movie, Ruben was adamant that it needed a tangible feeling that we were in real places, so he pushed for real sets.

“The crypt and church were both built. The boats are real — we had interior, exterior, and an outside exterior on a gimbal to simulate that the boats were flying. We pushed the boundaries of what we could do with practical sets.”

‘Uncharted’ is based on a game series of the same name. Talking about laying his hands on the game series, Holland said: “I was shooting ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’, and one of the benefits of working with Sony is that they outfitted all of our trailers with the newest PlayStation. And one of the games they gave us was ‘Uncharted 4’.

“So, between setups, my best mate Harrison and I would be playing. We played the game backwards — once we fell in love with the fourth, we bought the other games and caught up.”




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