Top 5 bizarre looks from the Oscar 2022 Red Carpet


The Oscars are the most awaited Hollywood event of the year. While everyone us glued to the television to watch the live broadcast, the fact is, as much as fans want to know who won which award, they are also equally curious about who wore what and so the Red carpet that precedes the awards is equally well loved. Every year the stars dazzle on the red carpet with in their shiniest, sparkliest, quirkiest and fashionable best.

Of course, every year there are also those celebrities who seem to want their outfit to be the main talking point, and not necessarily for the right reasons.

So here we list the red-carpet outfits that we thought were the most bizarre.

Maggie Gyllenhaal

She wore a T-shaped full length black gown with giant buttons. In no time, netizens went viral with memes about her outfit with some even calling it a likeness of Steve from ‘Minecraft’.

Amy Schumer

She was outstanding as one of the hosts of the event. She was hilarious and sharp throughout the event, but her blue gown with the black bow had us raising our brows – she looked like a festive gift box.

Julia Vernon

She is a popular makeup artist in Hollywood and she left everyone shocked when she showed up in a grey voluminous top with skin tight leather leggings and paired them with gummy boots. Her top was tiered and looked a lot like a ‘loofah’.

Chloe Bailey

Singer Chloe Bailey walked the red carpet in a waist high split, one-shouldered purple gown and she paired it with purple wedge heels. It was a risqué outfit that left little to the imagination and while Chloe’s face was stunning her outfit may not have been the best choice.

Mary Parent

She wore a flowy kaftan like green number which looked like nightwear. It had black lace work all over and the giant flower at the opening around the chest did not do the gown any favours. It simply did not look red carpet worthy.


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