Toronto is Ontario’s stress capital

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Congestion, crowd, sky-high rents and cost of real estate as well as stagnant income are among the many reasons Toronto now scores high on work-related stress.

The report, “A Profile of Wellbeing in Ontario,” says Toronto has “serious challenges” when compared to the north, west, east and central regions of Ontario.

There is “much to celebrate” about living in Toronto, but several factors “detract” from quality of life in the city, says the report, which was released Tuesday by the Ontario Trillium Foundation, a provincial government agency.
“Despite the highest percentages of employees with regular weekday work hours and greater flexibility in those work hours, Torontonians not only report the highest levels of time pressure, they participate less so than any other residents of Ontario in social leisure activities, monthly physical activity, and take shorter vacations,” the report says.

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The report also says that about 500,000 people are struggling financially in the city.

Nearly 20 per cent of Toronto residents are struggling with low incomes, while 35 per cent of households are dealing with high housing costs and 12 per cent are grappling with high food costs.

“People in Toronto have the lowest after-tax median incomes of anywhere in the province as well as one of the highest levels of unemployment. Not surprisingly, then, the region has the highest percentage of people in the province in low income and facing food insecurity,” the report says.

“Further, more Toronto residents are paying above 30 per cent of their income on housing than anywhere else in the province. Even though Toronto has a high number of people in the upper-most income categories, the city overall is quite economically insecure, which is a reflection of the breadth of wealth distribution in the city.”

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The report uses what it calls the Canadian index of wellbeing to assess five regions of Ontario in terms of health, living standards, community vitality, environment, leisure and culture, education, time use and democratic engagement.

Surely there is a little more to life than working 9 to 5 or 9 to 9. – CINEWS

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