Toronto to open 3 mass immunization clinics starting March 17

Toronto Mayor John Tory announced on Monday that three of the city’s mass immunization clinics will open early to vaccinate residents who are over the age of 80 starting on March 17.

“After a year of combatting COVID-19, this vaccine supply news is great news,” said Mayor Tory. “Every shot in every arm is a step towards putting this pandemic behind us.”

The three city-run clinics at Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Scarborough Town Centre and Toronto Congress Centre will operate seven days a week from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Details on clinic operations, including how to book, will be available in the coming days. Toronto is working with the province to implement a booking system, officials said in a statement issued on Monday.

A combination of Moderna and Pfizer vaccine will roll out to City-run and hospital partner clinics as follows:
• Week of March 15 – 17,500 doses
• Week of March 22 – 98,920 doses
• Week of March 29 – 174,200 doses
• Week of April 5 – 80,730 doses
• Week of April 12 – 80,730 doses

As of Monday afternoon, just over 200,000 Toronto residents have received at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccine, including those in long-term care homes, their essential caregivers, frontline healthcare workers, those experiencing homelessness and living in an emergency shelter, first responders and residents born on or before 1941.

“Vaccination is vital to countering the continued spread of COVID-19,” said Dr. Eileen de Villa, Medical Officer of Health. “As more vaccines become available and as supply soon stabilizes, we will continue this important progress toward protecting our community against this virus, and helping us to get back to life more like we remember before COVID-19.”

Preparation work on the remaining six city-run clinics is continuing and the sites will open as vaccine supply allows in the coming weeks, officials said. The operational plans of the City’s clinic are fully scalable, with plans in place to increase the number of vaccines that can be administered monthly from 500,000 to approximately 975,000 as vaccine availability permits. Officials added that Toronto has also planned, from the outset, to expand the hours of clinic operations, including to 24 hours – this would also rely on vaccine availability.

As more vaccine is allocated to Toronto by the province, health sector partners, like hospitals, community healthcare centres, pharmacies, City clinics and mobile clinics will operate a network of more than 350 clinics, all of which will vaccinate residents across Toronto. As vaccine supply becomes more plentiful, family doctors will also be able to vaccinate their patients across the city.

Currently, health sector partners in Toronto are vaccinating priority group residents – including people age 80 and over – by using the vaccine allocated to them directly by the province. Registration information for those eligible to be vaccinated by health sector partners can be found at, a website and call centre (1-888-385-1910) announced earlier today by hospitals.




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