Toronto to triple vaccine access in 13 hot spot neighbourhoods

Toronto has kicked off a new mobile vaccination sprint strategy to triple the amount of vaccine in hot spot neighbourhoods.

Expecting to receive regular larger shipments of vaccine from the province, the City and Toronto Public Health are working with Health Sector partners including hospitals and community health centres to ensure that this increased vaccine supply will be offered to eligible individuals, especially in hot spots, where they live as quickly as possible through mobile and pop-up community vaccination clinics.

TPH and Health Sector partners have identified 13 priority areas identified by postal code to direct increased vaccine to through mobile and pop-up clinics:

  • Northwest: M9W, M9V, M9L, M9M, M9N, M6M, M3K, M3J, M3N, M3M
  • Central: M4H
  • East: M1J, M1G

Vaccination at community mobile or pop-up clinics is available to anyone age 18 or older in the targeted hot spot community. Hospital and community partners intentionally promote community clinics only to the specific neighbourhoods that the clinic is meant to serve.

Clinics are brought to the attention of eligible local residents directly through primary care physicians like family doctors, employers, building managers, faith leaders and other local leaders, who are directly connected with the people the community clinics will serve.

This past weekend Toronto Public Health allocated 3,700 doses for mobile and pop-up clinics. For subsequent sprint strategy clinics, the plan is to allocate 12,000 doses a week – more than tripling the number of people that can be vaccinated in community clinics, city officials said in a statement.

Also, new block of approximately 231,000 individual appointments in City-operated immunization clinics between May 10 and June 6 will be available soon through the Province’s online booking system:

Clinic resources will be enhanced Scarborough Town Centre, Malvern Community Recreation Centre, Carmine Stefano Community Centre and The Hangar Sport and Event Centre.

According to officials once the additional immunizers are in place, the nine City-run clinics will be administering 8,586 doses per day – an increase of 540 daily doses, resulting in the total potential vaccination of more than 60,000 people per week.

Currently, all people age 60 or older and people age 50 and older living in hot spot neighbourhoods are eligible for vaccination at a City-operated clinic.

There are a number of other groups (professions, medical conditions, and living situations) currently eligible for vaccination. A full list of eligible groups with information on how to register for appointments is available on



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