Alek Minassian has been found guilty of 10 counts of first-degree murder and 16 counts of attempted murder in connection with the 2018 Toronto van attack.

Justice Anne Molloy delivered her verdict Wednesday morning via YouTube because of the pandemic and the anticipated interest in the case. 

Refuting the defence’s autism argument, the judge said that the 28-year-old “knew it was criminally wrong to kill people”.

Minassian’s rampage was “the act of a reasoning mind” and he has “no remorse for it and no empathy for his victims”, Justice Molloy stated.

Minassian had pleaded not guilty and his defence lawyer Boris Bytensky said in his closing arguments that his client’s autism disorder left him without the ability to develop empathy. He argued that his client had no idea how horrific his actions were to his victims, his family and the community.

Justice Molloy stated the name and age of each of the victims in her decision. She also listed the serious injuries suffered by those who survived.

Noting that notoriety was a driving force in his crimes, the judge said she would not be naming the killer in her decision and referred to him instead as “John Doe”.



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