Toronto’s vehicle-for-hire bylaw under review

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The city of Toronto is holding several public consultations aimed at reviewing regulations around vehicle-for-hire services over the next two weeks.

This includes companies like Uber and Lyft. Both the ride sharing companies have grown exponentially over the past few months and currently more than 67,000 drivers were licensed for both ride-hailing services combined.

This has given rise to another unintended consequence: traffic congestion and road accidents.

This has prompted one taxi company to push for a complete overhaul of a 2016 bylaw, which scrapped a mandatory 17-day training course, including CPR and first-aid, in an effort to include private transportation drivers.

This company blames ride-sharing vehicles for the congestion as their numbers are in the tens of thousands compared to the approximately 5,000 licensed taxis on the road.

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It is urging the city to put a cap on the number of private transportation licences allowed, following in the footsteps of a historic decision by New York city council last month, which capped them at 80,000.

Today even the TTC is losing riders to ride-sharing companies. On one hand these companies are growing because of the support from the public. On the other hand, the same public then complains about traffic congestion and accidents. -CINEWS

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