Gurugram, April 20 (IANS) A total of 36 people have been found positive for coronavirus in Gurugram so far. However, out of these 36 cases, 26 people have now recovered after treatment in hospital.

There was also no new case related to coronavirus in Gurugram for nine days between April 8 and 17.

Another 20 corona patients have also recovered in Faridabad.

On Monday, the number of people infected with coronavirus in Haryana increased to 251. The highest number of coronavirus cases found in Haryana so far is in Nuh. Although the highest number of cases were reported in Gurugram in the initial phase, the situation has improved continuously here.

While releasing the bulletin on coronavirus, the state government said that so far a total of 36 cases have been reported in Gurugram, out of which only 10 are active patients. 26 out of 36 people have recovered completely.

At the same time, in Faridabad, the number of patients has increased to 42. Out of these, 20 patients have been treated successfully.

Haryana Health Minister Anil Vij said “The areas which have been declared as the Containment Zones in Haryana have been completely sealed and instructions have been given to provide essential items in these areas so that people can get anything. There should be no problem of any kind. Authorities have been instructed to sanitise daily in the Containment Zones and in the second phase in the entire state under this, sanitisation will be done.”

Apart from this, the Haryana government has decided that the Health Department teams will go to every house in the state and screen every person to curb the Covid-19 epidemic.




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