Toxic gas from septic tank claims 5 lives in Fatehabad

Poisonous gas in a pit recently dug up for a septic tank took five lives on Tuesday evening in the Pratap Pura village of Fatehabad town.

Villagers told the police that a 10-year-old boy had slipped into the newly dug up pit. To pull him out his elder brother and some other relatives jumped into the 15 feet deep pit. All fainted due to some gas.

One died on the spot, while four on way to the hospital in Agra.

The five have been identified as Chotu, Anurag, Hari Mohan, Yogesh, and Surendra.

Local politicians and senior officials reached the village in the evening as soon as news spread and a pall of gloom descended on the village. The district authorities have announced compensation and assured help to the family members of the deceased.