Trailer of love jihad-based film ‘The Conversion’ unveiled

The trailer of the upcoming film ‘The Conversion’ was released on Friday.

The film explores the dilemma of religious conversions that happen during love marriages in India.

Talking about the film, director Vinod Tiwari said: “We have been waiting for this moment, not only because the film is really important to me but also because this subject will bring social awareness amongst today’s youth.”

He continued, “‘The Conversion’ is not a simple love triangle between Bablu, Dev, and Sakshi but a film that sensitively explores the dilemma of religious conversions that happen during love marriages in India.”

The film stars Vindhya Tiwari, Prateek Shukla, and Ravi Bhatia in lead roles.

Talking about her character, ‘Sakshi’, Vindhya said: “I feel fortunate to be a part of a film which will bring social awareness especially amongst today’s youth about the religious conversions which happen during love marriages in India.”

She added, “To choose a life partner is everyone’s right but just like that to stick to what religion you belong to is also one’s right. As the girl leaves her house post marriage, these conversions are forced on her, we hear about them but to see how it really happens and how it affects the girl is the story of Sakshi’s life.”

Bringing to life the character of Dev, actor Ravi Bhatia said: “The film is special for me in many ways and to be a part of Vinod ji’s journey with ‘The Conversion’ was one of the dreams come true moment for me. It’s not just a film but a social message which needs to be seen by everyone in our country.”

Prateek Shukla who will be portraying the character of Bablu said: “I have never played as challenging and vital a role as Bablu in my career. I have tried to give my 100 per cent to bring Bablu to life on screen. This character will surely make a deep impact on the audience.”

The film is written by Vandana Tiwari and presented by Nostrum Entertainment Hub.

‘The Conversion’ will release in September 2021.