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Train crash: Locals organise Mahayajna, prayers in Odisha for the departed

Locals of Bahanaga and nearby areas on Monday organised Mahayajna and prayers for ‘Mukti’ (salvation) of 288 passengers who lost their lives in the June 2 train crash.

A large number of people of Bahanaga, Soro and Balasore gathered at the Bahanaga High School ground this morning and took part in the Biswa Shanti Mahayajna, Astaprahari Nama Sankirtan, Akhanda Gayatri mantra and Dipadan.

As people from different religions were killed and injured in the accident, the organisers conducted ‘Sarva Dharma Prarthana Sabha’ (all faith prayer) at the ground where the religious leaders prayed for the departed souls and the injured.

“People from different religions died and suffered injuries in the train accident. So, their family members are holding different programmes like the Biswa Shanti Maha Yajna, Akhanda Gayatri mantra, Sarva Dharma Prarthana Sabha, etc. for the departed souls. We are also praying for the speedy recovery and longer life of the injured,” said Sarat Raj, one of the organisers.

On Sunday, the residents observed the 10th day ritual for the deceased of the triple-train accident. As a part of the ritual, over 100 people shaved their heads at a pond near the Bahanaga Bazar accident site. The people also observed all rituals they do when someone from their family dies.

Amrutadhara Satsang and candlelight march will be conducted by Ritambhara International Organisation on the 12th day, Tuesday.

Debajyoti Dasmohapatra, another member of the organising committee, said they have rescued hundreds of people from the accident-hit trains and recovered many bodies with the help of rescuers.

“We do not know the religion of many of the deceased who are still unidentified. So, we organised an all-religion programme,” he said.



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