Travel blues? Check in for a staycation

New Delhi, Feb 6 (IANSlife) It’s the year 2022, and humans have always found ways to adapt to COVID-19. As travel restrictions across the globe continue and people fear travelling even within the country, looking for comfort and new experiences much closer to home is always an option with staycations.

More and more people are considering the convenience of a vacation closer to home. The hospitality industry has taken notice of this shift, and hotels have responded by developing more innovative offerings and experiences for guests to enjoy.

Pent-up leisure demand, aided by the shift of outbound leisure travel to domestic, has resulted in an increase in bookings from city residents looking to escape their day-to-day lives while remaining safe.

Staycations are not a new concept, and they predate the pandemic. While the pandemic has made it an obvious solution for travellers looking for adventure in times of uncertainty, the concept of staycations has been popular for some time. Owing to their hectic lifestyles, people, in general, have started preferring multiple smaller vacations over a few long vacations throughout the year.

This shift in people’s vacationing habits has pushed the hotel industry to create more holistic experiences for guests in a limited amount of time. For guests, it is now more possible than ever to experience their own cities like never before, especially with hotels like The Lodhi, offering experiences that are rarely found in city hotels.

The Lodhi’s opulent rooms and private plunge pools offer a taste of world-class luxury in the heart of Delhi. At their in-house restaurants, Elan and Perbacco, they serve the finest cuisines from around the world (and more), with menus curated by some of the best chefs. They have something for everyone, whether it’s a celebration lunch, a date night with a special someone, or a midnight hunger pang.

Their variety of recreational facilities ensures that one never runs out of options. Their Spa and Salon are among the best in the country, offering a wide range of treatments to rebalance the mind, body, and senses. From squash and tennis ctheirts to a 50-meter climate-controlled swimming pool, gymnasium, pilates studio, and a functional zone with top-of-the-line equipment and some of the city’s best personal fitness trainers, The Lodhi leaves no stone unturned to ensure a memorable experience, especially in these trying times.

They’ve seen an increase in guests checking in for their other popular getaway packages, such as Shopathon – every shopaholic’s delight – and their exclusively curated Honeymoon package – designed to ensure an unforgettable romantic affair. They also introduced a Golfcation package for golf enthusiasts, while ensuring maximum safety and a memorable weekend.

Apart from relieving the stress of planning a vacation, staycations have also been shown to be more environmentally friendly by reducing the carbon emissions one would have had if they had taken a flight. The hospitality industry is also maximising staycation demand by providing guests with additional reasons to stay. In addition to theyekend getaways, hotels are rebranding themselves as co-working spaces. Guests looking to escape their monotonous work-from-home routines during lockdowns have found solace in staycations in hotels where they can work and play!

While they have managed to stay afloat as an industry, they are still living in uncertain times. It’s great to see the staycation trend gaining traction, especially since it has resulted in travellers supporting Indian businesses and making environmentally friendly choices. They’re both nervous and excited to see where things go, and they’re always hoping for the best!

(Rajesh Namby, General Manager, The Lodhi, New Delhi)

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