Trial for Sadar Bazar transformation to start from March 20

To make the city’s busiest market — Sadar Bazar — pedestrian friendly, under the “transform Sadar Bazar” initiative, the Municipal Corporation of Gurugram (MCG) will launch a week-long trial from March 20.

This was decided in the meeting which was attended by MCG officials, Mayor and the local MLA.

It was discussed that at present there is a huge crowd due to encroachment and random vehicles in the market, due to which pedestrians have to face trouble.

The civic body officials have also taken feedback from customers coming to the market. Due to lack of seating facilities in the market, customers face problems.

The officials said that in Sadar Bazar 90 per cent people are pedestrians, while only 10 per cent people use two-wheelers for shopping. 80 per cent of the people who visit the market believe that the Sadar Bazaar should be made pedestrian Friendly.

According to an estimate, Sadar Bazar has 302 shops, while around 400 two-wheelers used to park in front of these outlets which cause decongest the market.

Also, there is no place for emergency vehicles to come due to encroachment and haphazard vehicles parking.

Giving information about the transform Sadar Bazar initiative, the officials said that the main road of Sadar Bazar is 700 meters long and its width is nine meters to 13 meters. Under the project, along with making seating arrangement for the people according to the place, the work of beautification of the market will also be done.

“There is a plan for organised parking for the market’s shopkeepers and customers who come in the market During the weekly trial, the main stretch of the market will be completely vehicle. This project will benefit the customers, shopkeepers, public representatives, general public, schools and hospitals. Along with this, civic agencies will be helped to manage utilities. This will increase the image of the market and bring more customers in the market. The trade of shopkeepers will increase, the value of property will increase and the level of pollution will be decreased,” said Vinay Pratap Singh, MCG commissioner.

Mayor Madhu Azad said that the traders of Sadar Bazar will benefit more from this project.

“If the market is organised, clean, beautiful, safe and good, then the number of customers here will increase even more. She said that better and orderly parking will be arranged under the project,” she said.