Trouble brews in BHU over Iftar party

Trouble is brewing in the Banaras Hindu University (BHU) where a group of students burnt the effigy of the Vice-Chancellor (VC) after he organised an Iftar party on campus.

The agitated students alleged that the country is moving towards a Uniform Civil Code but the VC Dr Sudhir Kumar Jain is trying to indulge in appeasement politics here.

The students, most of them owing allegiance to ABVP, raised slogans in front of the VC’s residence on the campus, saying that this was against the culture of the university.

The protesters alleged that the VC chose Mahila Mahavidyalaya to organise the event so that he could polarise the women students and create a divide with his “anti-Hindu” mindset.

After the ruckus over the Iftar party on Wednesday night, posters appeared on the BHU campus on Thursday with definite communal overtones.

BHU officials were unwilling to comment on the incident.

District officials said that police forces had been put on alert in view of the situation.




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