Trudeau’s disapproval rating at highest level since 2019

As Canadians wind down the school year and contemplate a summer break, they do so feeling increasingly pessimistic about their own lives and the future of the country.

New data from the non-profit Angus Reid Institute finds 52 per cent of Canadians are pessimistic about the future of Canada. This is considerably higher than responses noted in recent years, as an inflation crisis and a health-care system hampered by delays and staffing shortages contribute to Canadians’ foul mood.

These negative sentiments may present an opportunity for the Conservative Party of Canada, one they will hope to capitalize on with a new leader this fall. In that race, Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre continues to lead the way, as the most appealing option to 26 per cent of Canadians, followed closely by former Quebec Liberal Premier Jean Charest (21%).

While a path to a future electoral victory for the CPC under Poilievre may be carved with strong support from the party’s 2021 base and voters who cast ballots for the People’s Party of Canada last fall, it draws little interest from past Liberal and New Democrat voters. That group represents a much larger pool of potential support. By contrast, 38 per cent of those who voted Liberal last fall say they find Charest the most appealing potential leader. Charest’s challenge is that past Conservative voters say they’re less likely to support the party again with him at the helm.

In addition to pessimism about the country comes an increase in criticism of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Three-in-five (59%) disapprove of his performance, the highest marks since before the pandemic in 2019 when he and the government were beset with allegations of corruption related to SNC-Lavalin.

In the short term, Trudeau and the Liberals are insulated from mood shifts of the electorate because of the confidence-and-supply agreement with the NDP.



  1. How can anyone approve of the worst prime minister in the history of Canada. The sunny ways promised in the 2015 election only turned out to be dark and cloudy and often stormy at times but, somehow Trudeau is allowed to stay on with the help of Singh for three more years. His approval rating can only get worse , thank god.

  2. I did not like his father and I do not like him, I do not not trust him and I can tell when he is lying which is most of the time. All he wants is to get his picture taken as often as possible and he says some of the messes he gets himself into a mistake it is not a mistake it always is a choice he hopeless.

  3. We all need to stand up!!!!!!!! he is selling us all out, we will never be able to pay for all his mistakes.. like never ever, not even are children !!!!!!!
    lets all wake up and change this for the good of the country..
    lets help are family and friends get ahead in life and live are dreams,
    lets Not pay 2.10$ for gas or been taxes on everything we do ..
    TRUDEAU MUST GO , If we want to eat!!!!!

  4. How can you blame Trudeau for high gas prices? The war in Ukraine is the reason and this has impacted prices around the world. Inflation is also a global event and again there is little that can be done in Canada to stop it. Interest rates are being raised to curb it as best they can in Canada. If the PC’s were in power it would be the same scenario, the only difference being thousand would have died from a lack of covid restrictions in the name of ‘freedom’. There is no magical solution for the global impact of what the world is currently experiencing.


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