Trudeau still top choice for PM, says new poll 

Justin Trudeau has a slight edge over recently-elected Conservative Party leader Pierre Poilievre when it comes to who should be Canada’s prime minister, a new poll says.

Recently released Leger survey data showed that 24% of Canadians felt Trudeau would make the best prime minister when compared to 21% who were in favour of Poilievre. NDP leader Jagmeet Singh was in third place with 17% support followed by People’s Party of Canada head Maxime Bernier with 3% and interim Green Party leader Amita Kuttner with 1%.

However the Tories would come out on top with 34% of the vote if a federal election were held today, the poll found. The Trudeau-led Liberals, on the other hand, would only secure 28% of the vote. As for the other parties — 23% of decided voters would cast their ballots for the NDP, 8% for Yves-François Blanchet’s Bloc Québécois, 3% for the People’s Party of Canada, 3% for the Green Party of Canada, and 1% would vote for another party.

The Leger poll on federal politics was conducted from September 16 to 18, among 1,522 Canadians over the age of 18, randomly recruited from their online panel.  

A margin of error cannot be associated with a non-probability sample in a panel survey. For comparison purposes, a probability sample of 1,522 respondents would have a margin of error of ±2.51%, 19 times out of 20.

Meanwhile Poilievre became the subject of an NDP attack ad. “Despite making a lot of noise, Pierre Poilievre and the Conservative are not in it for you,” the video posted on Twitter stated.

“Poilievre continues to put the interests of rich CEOs and corporate lobbyists first, so they can make bigger profits, at the expense of workers and their families,” the New Democrats said in a statement which claims the video will uncover the real Poilievre. 



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