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Trudeau vows to create more child care spaces

On the campaign trail this week, PM Justin Trudeau vowed if re-elected, his party would create hundreds of thousands of new before-and-after-school spaces and lower the costs of child care for families.

“Parents shouldn’t have to worry about finding quality child care that won’t break the bank,” Trudeau said at a campaign stop at a Waterloo, public school library, hoping he himself doesn’t meet his own Waterloo on October 21.

The Liberal government would create up to 250,000 more before and after-school spaces for kids under the age of 10, and lower fees by ten per cent across the country.

The plan also would set aside a portion of the new spaces to provide more child care options for parents who work overtime, late shifts or multiple jobs, the Liberal leader added, claiming that the changes would save “a family with two kids living here in Ontario about $800 a year.”

Trudeau also said a re-elected Liberal government would establish a secretariat to “work with the provinces” to “lay the groundwork for a pan-Canadian child care system.”

Meanwhile quick to point out a wrong, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh accused Trudeau of breaking his 2015 election promise on child care and said he has “passed the buck to provincial governments.”

“Justin Trudeau said he would make child care affordable, but he broke that promise,” Singh said in a media statement.

“Just a few days ago, Justin Trudeau was telling Canadians that child care was a provincial responsibility. It’s clear that people who are struggling with high child care costs can’t trust Justin Trudeau’s pretty words and empty promises.”

The whole thing about creating affordable child care would not be so necessary if more parents working minimum wage jobs to make ends meet were given tax credits and incentives to stay home and be caregivers for their own children. This way, it is almost as though parents have to work in order to pay for someone else to look after their own children! -CINEWS

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