Trudeau vows to raises PSW wages to at least $25 per hour


If re-elected the Liberal government will implement a series of measures to improve conditions for seniors and frontline care workers including hiring more personal support workers and offering them a guaranteed minimum wage of at least $25 per hour.

Liberal leader Justin Trudeau outlined a suite of proposed improvements in senior care while on the campaign trail in Victoria, BC aimed at securing seniors’ votes in the September elections no doubt.

“Better care for seniors starts with better conditions for our frontline care workers,” said Trudeau. “To ensure these tragedies (during the pandemic)  never happen again and to build a better future for seniors, we need to work together to improve conditions and raise wages for the dedicated personal support workers who help care for them.”

Among the slew of promises Trudeau made, is the doubling of the Home Accessibility Tax Credit, which will provide up to an additional $1,500 to help seniors stay in their homes longer by making them more accessible. He also said that his government would improve the quality and availability of long-term care home beds while developing a Safe Long Term Care Act collaboratively to ensure that seniors are guaranteed the care they deserve, no matter where they live.

In addition to promising PSWs a minimum wage of at least $25 an hour, Trudeau said he would train up to 50,000 new support workers to address the shortage and dismal work conditions.

“Personal support workers and health care workers are the heroes on the frontlines of our pandemic response,” said Trudeau. “As a country, we know we have to do better – but Erin O’Toole won’t support the people who help care for our parents and grandparents. We can’t move backward with Conservative cuts to care for seniors. We have to keep moving forward – for everyone.”


  1. I voted for trudeau and has not received any wage increase or any entitlement to previous pandemic pay. I am a struggling psw


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