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Trudeau’s ethics not feminism should be questioned!

Sabrina Almeida

Are Canadians really surprised and upset that Jody Wilson-Raybould and Jane Philpott were shunted out of the Liberal caucus? I’m astonished that it came to this. I thought the two former ministers would have left the party days ago. That would’ve made a huge moral  statement. They’ve gone on record to express their loss of confidence in the PMO for weeks. With Justin Trudeau shepherding the Liberals into the federal elections and beyond, how could they be a part of it? Doesn’t staying on mean endorsing him as the party leader and prospective head of government? And isn’t that what they had trouble with? I’m confused as to how this would have played out—continuing under the Liberal banner but distrusting and uncomfortable with its current and future chief?

As a result of the “Tuesday night massacre”, as some termed it, Trudeau found himself defending his feminist credentials to the young women in Ottawa for the annual Daughters of the Vote summit, and the rest of us on Wednesday. I never subscribed to his feminist ideology or approach of promoting women by giving them more cabinet positions. For me, it is about ability not gender and somehow reducing the imbalance this way just didn’t feel right.

Neither does the fact that the ‘speaking truth to power’ issue seems to have assumed gender-discrimination overtones. With some questioning Trudeau’s equality agenda, the opposition calling him a bully and yet others suggesting his actions on Tuesday attempted to silence women’s voices.

I’m having trouble seeing his move as discriminatory. Should he have adopted a different approach simply because they were women and to maintain his equality agenda? Even if Trudeau was dragging his feet hoping it was all just a bad dream, inaction would have put him in serious trouble with his other ministers who were clamouring for the dissenters’ heads. Ironically what started out as the trust issue between the two former MPs and their leader led to the rest of the team distrusting them. Especially after Philpott’s interview with Maclean’s and Wilson-Raybould’s secret recording of a conversation with Michael Wernick was made public. The team felt exposed and Trudeau had to act. In the party’s interests, not Canadians mind you!!!

Both Wilson-Raybould and Philpott had to have seen this coming. You can’t expose the boss, man or woman, and expect to be left standing. Not in the workplace, and especially not in politics!!!

But isn’t it really Trudeau’s ethics rather than feminism that should be questioned here? After all, he allegedly tried to influence the Justice Minister and Attorney General of Canada to protect the interests of big business. And in doing so accepted SNC-Lavalin’s fraudulent activities as a minor misdeed. All in the name of jobs!

My older son, who used to be an ardent Trudeau supporter up until the SNC-Lavalin story broke, questions why Quebec jobs were more important than those in Ontario, BC or any other part of the country. We discussed Tuesday’s events in the car this morning courtesy the radio news and the younger one also expressed his misgivings. As I argued that bribery was part of business just as lobbying was in politics, he asked if I supported Trudeau’s actions. I had to say no.

Wernick’s reiteration that the prime minister was in ‘that kinda of mood’ (meaning taking the DPA route in the SNC-Lavalin case) several times during the recorded conversation went beyond the PM trying to the understand the issue or ‘gentle persuasion’. In my opinion to protect his position in Quebec. Ontario has been bleeding thousands of jobs for years as have the oil and gas sectors in Western Canada. No intervention here…

Furthermore, SNC-Lavalin was not in dire straits as our prime minister would have us believe. A news report  revealed a 10-year international contracting ban for misconduct in Bangladesh levied by the World Bank in 2013 didn’t seem to hurt it much. It cites an 8% revenue increase and $15 billion in back orders as proof. Then there’s also all the government contracts it has been bagging.  Moving to England is also highly questionable given all the uncertainty around Brexit.

This brings us back to the issue of lobbying both on the part of SNC-Lavalin and Trudeau.  In the end it is really about the economics and ethics of politics… Trudeau’s ideals were tested, and he failed miserably! Tagging it as a woman’s issue somehow takes our attention from what is really at stake and does disservice to the move for gender equality. It is a speaking-truth-to-power issue and who we can trust to protect the interests of all Canadians. That individual will get my vote in October! -CINEWS





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