Tunisian Islamist party rejects attempts to suspend Constitution


Tunisia’s Islamist party Ennahdha expressed its categorical refusal to suspend the Constitution and change the country’s political system, according to a statement posted on its official Facebook page.

Ennahdha, the first majority party in the Tunisian Parliament, said in the statement on Saturday that “what is being circulated in this direction are attempts by some parties hostile to the democratic path”, reports Xinhua news agency

Ennahdha insisted that “the dangerous economic, financial, social and health situation the country is going through necessitates speeding up the formation of a legitimate government that will gain the confidence of Parliament and place among its priorities the implementation of a rescue program able to recover the economy, respects Tunisia’s international commitments and strengthens its credibility”.

The party also called for a national dialogue between various actors on various issues.

On August 24, Tunisian President Kais Saied issued a presidential decree, extending the exceptional measures of suspending the activities of the parliament and freezing the immunity of all its members.

On July 25, Saied announced that he had removed Hichem Mechichi from the post of Prime Minister and suspended all activities of the Assembly of People’s Representatives, or Parliament.

So far, Saied has been heading the government until he appoints a new Prime Minister.