Turning Japanese: Rachel Keller on prepping for her role in ‘Tokyo Vice’


‘Fargo’ star Rachel Keller was on cloud nine while prepping for her character Samantha in the crime drama ‘Tokyo Vice’ as she was always excited to learn the language since her grandmother grew up in Japan.

Rachel plays a pivotal role in the series as Samantha Porter, an American migrant living in Japan.

The actress opens up on how she put an effort to get into the skin of the character in the show. She worked with a Japanese teacher to learn the foundation, grammar, sentence structure, and pronunciation and get the correct hang of the nuances of the language.

Rachel said: “When I first read the scripts, I got the impression that there was something mysterious about her. I was really intrigued and curious about where this girl comes from and what that informs about her point of view on her life.”

Written by J.T. Rogers and directed by Michael Mann, Josef Kubota Wladyka, Hikari, Alan Poul, ‘Tokyo Vice’ is streaming on Lionsgate Play.



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