Tusker attacks forest guard in UP’s Amangarh Reserve

An angry tusker attacked and injured a forest guard when the latter was patrolling in the Makoniya section of the Amangarh Tiger Reserve on a motorcycle.

The guard has been admitted to a private hospital, where his condition is stated to be stable.

According to reports, the guard, Akbar Ali, was patrolling in the area on Saturday when the elephant suddenly attacked him, throwing him off his bike.

He managed to get up and hid behind a tree, while watching the tusker destroy his bike.

Meanwhile, the guard called for help and the tusker was shooed away by forest personnel.

Ranger Rakesh Sharma said, “A tusker is roaming in the Makoniya section of Amangarh. It had earlier also tried to attack forest staff but fortunately, they escaped. We have asked our staff not to go patrolling alone. We are trying to trace the elephant.”–IANS