TV actor Amal Sehrawat: OTT platforms have slight edge over TV currently

Actor Amal Sehrawat, who played Jagga in the TV show Choti Sardaarni, feels that OTT platforms are currentlyu booming thanks to good content and have gained more mileage amongst youngsters than television.

“I have been working across mediums and the web series no doubt is a very good space for actors. With lockdown and shooting coming to a standstill, the web world gained a lot of mileage over other platforms. Youngsters are getting good entertainment through OTT now. As of now, it is safe to say that OTT has a slight edge over television in terms of fresh content,” Amal tells IAN.

What is his personal choice as an actor? “I am greedy for good work,” shares Amal, adding: “I am currently focusing on my craft and improving performance.”

The actor recently ended his stint in Choti Sardaarni and carries some great memories with him of the show.

“I had been informed before signing the show that it was a cameo and my character would die within the first six months. The audience appreciated my performance and my track got extended. As an actor this is a great reward. I played Jagga for two years and in these two years, I have come extremely close to the cast and crew and my character. I have some great moments from the show,” he says.