TV celebs gush about their special Mother’s Day plans


A mother is someone who motivates, shows the right direction, and encourages us to reach new heights. On International Mother’s Day, TV actors express their love and gratitude for their mothers.

‘Kundali Bhagya’ actor Sanjay Gagnani mentions: “I am going to call my mother on Mother’s Day and tell her that she’s the best mother in the world and take her blessings. Since I live away from my family, I’ll send her flowers, chocolates and a gift. Throughout my life, my mother has been my Wonder Woman because she is one of the strongest women I know.”

Chandni Sharma, who essays the role of Akanksha in ‘Kaamnaa’ says: “Indeed, mothers are our best friends. As a child, my mother was my constant companion, my playmate. Sometimes, she would bring out dry kitchen ingredients and I would whisk up fake meals for her. Being a sweetheart, she would complement my cooking ‘skills’ and declare that she had the best meal of her life.”

“I believe that all that I am today is because of her blessings and effort. Her love and trust in me could not be explained in words, much like I cannot explain how much I love her,” she adds.

On the other hand, actor Vijayendra Kumeria says a mother’s love is the purest of all in the world. She loves selflessly and unconditionally.

“My mother has always had my back, on good days and bad. Whenever I feel like I am having the absolute worst day, I just call her up. That one phone call is a stressbuster for me. Listening to her just eases my worries. Not a day goes when she does not worry for my wellbeing. I am her mischievous son. This Mother’s Day, I want to soothe her, take her out on a dinner date and have loads of fun having everything she likes to eat. It will be our special mother-son day out!”

Tina Philip, who plays the role of Rhea in ‘Kumkum Bhagya’ shares: “I believe the love a mother has for her child is unconditional and nothing in the world can beat that. The best advice that I have received from my mother is that ‘ You’ve never lost until you’ve given up’.

My mom is the head of the department of science in a school in the UK, and it’s amazing how she balances her career and home so beautifully. You don’t even have house help in the UK like one does in India, so she really does have a lot on her plate from cooking to cleaning to other household chores! She’s my hero and I really look up to her.”

“This Mother’s Day, I have planned to send her a cake and flowers. She’s also a foodie so I’ve planned a dinner out for her so she doesn’t have to cook on this day and can sit back and relax,” she concludes.



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