TV show ‘Qurbaan Hua’ to go off air this week

Television soap ‘Qurbaan Hua’ is going off air after airing its last episode on September 17.

The family drama show talks about a unique love story of two strikingly different personalities – ‘Chahat’ (played by Pratibha Ranta) and ‘Neel’ (played by Rajveer Singh).

Having entertained viewers for nearly one and a half year, the show is now all set to bid adieu to fans on September 17 after the much-anticipated reunion of Chahat and Neel.

Pratibha Ranta said: “‘Qurbaan Hua’ marked my debut in this industry and hence it will always hold a very special place in my heart. I feel as though Chahat has given me a new identity and I will forever cherish the love that I have received from playing this role. I am grateful to fans of the show who made me who I am today and I would also like to thank my wonderful co-stars and crew who made Chahat such an amazing character. It’s been a great journey.”

“I began my journey with Qurbaan Hua much later but have had a great experience with the entire team. The viewers of our show have been extremely supportive and welcomed me as warmly as my team into the character of Neel. I am really thankful to all my co-stars and our crew for making this journey such a memorable one,” expressed Rajveer Singh.

‘Qurbaan Hua’ airs on Zee TV.