TV star Roopal Tyagi on why playing an athlete is ‘ultimate validation’ for her


TV actress Roopal Tyagi says playing an athlete in “Ranju Ki Betiyaan” is the ultimate validation for her because she has always been worried about her weight.

“I’m thoroughly enjoying playing an athlete on the show ‘Ranju Ki Betiyaan’! (The role is) The ultimate validation for someone who was always worried about her weight. The irony is this happened only once I became secure about my body, which was a result of getting fitter — not just physically but mentally,” said Roopal.

Talking about being secure about one’s body, Roopal revealed that she has been insecure with her body all her life.

The actress explained: “It’s because of the society we grow up in. People have become so used to casually making fun of others every time they meet. Little boys and girls are told jokingly, ‘arre beta, skin colour light kar lo or beta running karo or beta English seekho etc’. These comments, which are made without much thought, causes a lot of damage, and as a result I see around me so many insecure and damaged humans who live their whole life focusing on their one so-called flaws! I also used to be one of them.”

However, Roopal has successfully overcome the insecurity. The actress said: “To overcome something you need to understand clearly what it is. Awareness is very important for acceptance. It started with me understanding that my body, my skin colour, the languages I speak etc. are my personal choices and it is the way it is. My job is to just keep well, stay healthy and do my best. So as long as I am doing that, these insecurities don’t bother me.”

The actress says while it is natural to get affected by people commenting about one’s body, this can also be overcome.

“It’s quite natural to get affected. Almost everyone I know gets affected by something or the other about themselves. Some talk about their eyes, some weight, some skin colour, some language, some about hair. It’s a never-ending list! But the idea is to let this stupid idea go. We are all beautiful the way we are!” she concluded.