TV veteran Sushmita Mukherjee found ‘Dosti Anokhi’ character Kusum Mishra ‘very endearing and real’


Film and TV actress Sushmita Mukherjee gets candid about her role of Kusum Mishra and the concept of new show ‘Dosti Anokhi’. The actress says her character is of a simple woman married into a traditional Brahmin family.

Sushmita shares about her on-screen personality, saying: “Kusum is not highly educated and she got married at an early age to a government servant. She has lived within the parameters of a joint family, headed by her stern mother-in-law, and taught to carry forward the traditions of the Brahmin family. Kusum has sacrificed her desires, longings and fears for the sake of her family. And, the story as it moves forward will attempt to unravel some of them.”

The ‘Ishqbaaaz’ actress says that somewhat she relates to her role in the show. “The main similarity between Kusum and me is that I can identify her position of being a middleman to the tug-of-war between her husband and her kids,” shares Sushmita, adding: “She adores them equally and often finds herself in the crossfire between them. This is a very common phenomenon in Indian society where traditional women always try to repair, adjust, maintain relationships rather than break them.”

Set against the backdrop of Varanasi, the show is all about a mature and elder couple Jagannath Mishra, played by Rajendra Gupta and his wife Kusum (played by Sushmita). The interesting twist in the story comes when Jagannath finds his lost sense of life’s purpose through a young stranger-turned-friend Purvi, essayed by actress Ismeet Kohli.

Sushmita comments: “‘Dosti Anokhi’ is a unique story because it taps into the hidden, unexplored, unexpressed angst that two successive generations have with each other. Within the structure of a generation gap, it is a beautiful attempt to peel down the unexplored emotions that are buried in the subconscious of the characters and how they ultimately face their darkness.”

She talks about her rapport with co-actor Rajendra and calls him an excellent actor.

“I have known Rajendra Gupta ji since 1985 when he reached Mumbai and I have had a family kind of relationship with him. He has been my revered senior from NSD and is a wonderful director and actor par excellence. I am privileged to work with him,” she adds.

The actress has done several movies and television shows. She is making a comeback to the small screen after a long gap with the show ‘Dosti Anokhi’. And the main reason is that she finds her role quite interesting.

As she says: “I started my career in TV with the serial ‘Karamchand’, 37 years ago and I have been acting since then. I have not stopped acting in movies and also theatre, which is my first love. But TV was not providing me with any challenge since the role of Ammaji in the serial ‘Ganga’. So, when Rajita ji, the co-producer and writer of ‘Ganga’, approached me with the role of Kusum Mishra, I knew instinctively that I could trust her because she had conceived the beautiful role of Ammaji,” shares Sushmita.

Adding further: “Though ‘Dosti Anokhi’ is framed within an innocent yet unusual friendship between an elderly gentleman and a young girl, the context is very much of an old couple who are now living in their proverbial empty nest. I found the narration of the character of Kusum Mishra very endearing and real to life and so I decided to be part of the project. I am very happy with my decision.”

‘Dosti Anokhi’ is starting today at 9:30 pm on Sony Entertainment Television.



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