Twin towers demolition: Ground Zero looks like war-ravaged site with heaps of debris

The site where the Supertech twin towers stood in Noida, before 3,700 kg of explosives brought them down in nine seconds flat on Sunday afternoon, looks like a war-ravaged site with a mountain of debris of cement, ash and other materials lying there.

The cleaning exercise of the adjoining areas is underway and residents of the adjoining societies will be allowed to return to their homes after the whole exercise is completed, officials said.

There have been some reports of window and wall damages in the neighbouring society in the wake of the demolition, Noida CEO Ritu Maheshwari said. Around 10 metres of the boundary wall of neighbouring ATS Society has been damaged and some glass windows were shattered after being hit by the debris. No other information of damage from anywhere has been received yet, she added.

However, the other adjoining society, Supertech Emerald has not suffered any damages.

The twin towers – Apex (32 floors) and Ceyane (29 floors) – were under construction since 2009 within the Supertech Emerald Court society in Sector 93A of Noida.




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