Twinkle says dad Rajesh Khanna was nagging her to write

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Twinkle Khanna: Akshay doesn’t read but he is street smart

Actor Akshay Kumar’s wife Twinkle Khanna took the centre stage on Day 3 of the TIMES Litfest, where she spoke about her newly-released book, ‘The Legend Of Lakshmi Prasad.’

Talking about her career as a writer, Twinkle said that she completed half of her book when she was 18 years old.

She described herself as an avid reader. “I had a file of morbid poems but then for 20 years I did not write anything, not even a diary. I thought I would start writing again at the age of 60, but then this opportunity knocked on my door and that is how I became a writer”.

Speaking about her late father Rajesh Khanna’s views on her writing she said, “My father believed in astrology and his astrologer, Bharat told him that your daughter would be a great writer so he kept nagging me and I didn’t write a word until he passed away. I just wish that he could see me now”.

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When asked if she would ever write a book about her late father,  she said  she didn’t think it would ever happen.

Talking further about her husband, she said, “I am a reader but Akshay doesn’t read. I always believed that you are smart if you are well read, but he is probably the only person I know who doesn’t read but is really smart. He is smart in a different way than I am. I am probably better read but he is street smart.” – CINEWS

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