Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Twitch introduces new Clip Editor features, Discovery feed & more

Streaming platform Twitch has introduced new Clip Editor features, Discovery feed and much more, at its TwitchCon Paris event.

The platform will be adding new features to the Clip Editor, including trimming functionality and the ability to grant access to the video editors, the company said in a blogpost on Saturday.

The company is also bringing the Clip Editor to mobile.

Twitch also introduced the upcoming Discovery Feed on the platform.

The Discovery feed will be a scrollable feed in the app that will show users a personalised mix of Clips.

Once this feed is rolled out, viewers will be able to discover Clips from tons of streamers’ channels, whether they’re live or not.

“Our investment in Clips is to help viewers discover your channel so they join you and your community when you stream,” the company said.

Moreover, beginning in August, users will be able to mark Clips as featured in their Creator Dashboard.

The platform is also bringing the ‘stories’ format, to help users reach their entire community, reliably, any time they like.

Also, ‘streaming together’ is coming to Guest Star.

“To give you more control, we’re introducing the chat countdown timer. This optional feature will show streamers precisely when an ad is coming up, with options to snooze or pull ahead,” the company added.



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