Twitter lit up with Ryan Reynold’s reaction to wife Blake’s Met Gala gown

Ryan Reynolds and his wife Blake Lively were yet again the show stopping couple of the Met gala on Monday evening, May 2, 2022.

The couple who were also hosts of the event, stuck to the gilded glamour theme perfectly and they also gave couple goals as they walked the red carpet together.

Blake Lively came to the event in a custom-made Versace gown that gleamed copper and sported a large bow on the waist. She and Ryan were arm in arm as they walked up the Met stairs.

Ryan Reynolds was also looking all kinds of handsome in a velvet suede vintage style suit with a bowtie. Midway through the stairs Ryan walked up ahead and three attendants came to help Blake with her gown. They unfurled her bow and voila! Her gown was shimmering now with a layer of blue. The attendants even took off her copper gloves to reveal matching blue one’s underneath it.

Her transformative gown earned her tons of applause and shower of appreciative cheer from fans gathered at the event. The press covering the event were impressed too.

No one though had a better reaction than Ryan Reynolds, who stood open mouthed stunned at his wife’s costume transformation. A picture of him looking on with a stunned expression has already gone viral all over social media. Coupled with that are videos of him looking proudly smiling and applauding his wife as she made the grand gown reveal.

One twitter user, shared a picture of Ryan’s expression and Blake’s gown and wrote, “Ryan Reynolds’s reaction when he saw Blake Lively’s dress”. Here is the tweet:

Other comments on Twitter included: “Find a man who looks at you like Ryan does to Blake.” “They ate and left no crumbs. Period,” while another user spoke about how no one else was close to the magnificence of Blake’s outfit. “If he Doesn’t look at you the way RYAN looks at BLAKE, Girl he is not the one,” commented yet another user.

The user shared a video of him proudly applauding his wife. Here is the tweet:

Fans were quick to spot that Blake’s dress was a tribute to several iconic buildings of New York. The bronze to blue transformation was a shout out to the Statue of Liberty that was copper coloured when it was first sent and is now green due to oxidation.

Blake Lively spoke to ET on the red carpet and talked about what inspired her choice of outfit for the event. “I looked at New York City architecture for this event, and I loved the copper patinas. I asked Versace if we could do it and they said, ‘Oh god, OK, let’s try!’ And we did,” she said.



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