Friday, July 19, 2024

Twitter suspends PlainSite and its founder’s accounts under new CEO

Twitter under new CEO has suspended the account of online database provider PlainSite and its founder Aaron Greenspan, who is a known Tesla and Elon Musk critic.

According to a report in CNBC, at the time of suspension, the PlainSite account had more than 24,000 listed followers on Twitter and Greenspan had about 2,500 followers.

The account suspension comes under new Twitter CEO Linda Yaccarino who just said in a memo that “You should have the freedom to speak your mind. We all should.”

In April last year, Musk said in a tweet: “I hope that even my worst critics remain on Twitter, because that is what free speech means.”

However, the company has now suspended the accounts of its most prolific critic.

“PlainSite began its focused research on Tesla in 2018 after the US Securities and Exchange Commission charged Musk and Tesla with civil securities fraud,” the report mentioned.

“I was not interested in Tesla until the SEC took action against the company and Elon that year. That got me thinking that it may be over-valued, given the fact it was running into trouble with financial regulators,” Greenspan was quoted as saying.

Since 2018, Greenspan has made court filings and other public records available on PlainSite about Twitter and Tesla.

In February 2023, Musk sued Greenspan for publishing correspondence between the two of them on Twitter and PlainSite.



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