New Delhi, Jan 17 (IANS) To mark the 30th anniversary of the exodus of Kashmiri Pandits from the Valley, Kashmiri Pandits trended the hashtag #HumWapasAayenge (we pledge to return), inspired by the dialogue “Hum Aayenge Apne Watan” from the yet-to-be released film “Shikara”.

On January 19, 1990, over five lakh Kashmiri Pandits were forced almost overnight to leave the Valley following a genocidal campaign unleashed by the militants.

#HumWapasAayenge is trending and the Twitterati have showered their support by posting videos, comments and quotes.

Taking to his Twitter handle, veteran journalist Aditya Raj Kaul shared a video message of himself and wrote: “Kashmiri Pandits complete 30 years in exile from Kashmir this weekend. The community has shown conviction of courage and fortitude. Let’s all now resolve to return home.”

He also urged Kashmiri Pandits to support the #HumWapasAayenge initiative and wrote, “Kashmiri Pandit friends: please record this video statement and put it up with #HumWapasAayenge.”

Actor Chandan Sadhu tweeted a video message and wrote: “As Kashmiri Pandits complete 30 years in exile this weekend, let our cry for justice be finally noticed. We have shown unimaginable resilience, and today we resolve to return home.”

Author Rahul Pandita tweeted a video of his own with the caption: “30 years of exile from Kashmir. Let us now pledge that we will return home.”

Veteran radio personality Khushboo Mattoo took to social media to post a video of herself in support of #HumWapasAayenge and remarked, “Said this in a BBC interview three years back. And I am saying it again #HumWapasAayenge#Shikara.”

A user named @rainarajesh shared a clip of his native village and said, “I shot this video a few years back in my native place in #Anantnag district. Our house was turned to debris by terrorists. It was looted & burnt down when we were forced to leave #Kashmir. One day we will go back with dignity and honour. #HumWapasAayenge #Shikara #KashmiriPandits.”

Another user @vineetkaul expressed his solidarity with the #HumWapasAayenge initiative and wrote, “Days changed to weeks, weeks to months, months to years and years to decades…Despite insurmountable odds, our resolve to return remains steadfast…We will return, return to our home. That will be the day, the day in Srinagar! #HumWapasAayenge #KashmiriPandits.”

Apart from the Kashmiri Pandits, many Tweeple expressed their solidarity for the initiative and tweeted in support of it.

A user wrote, “Left in humiliation…You deserve to return with dignity…#HumWapasAayenge.”

Another wrote, “#HumWapasAayenge As a fellow Indian I do hope you can show some empathy to this tiny community who packed up their lives in their tiny pockets and left their homes. Kashmiri Pandits. The nowhere people.#Shikara.”

A post read, “When one feels like a nomad wherever one goes, even after having created a life in a different city, when you still feel lost and long for home, yes #HumWapasAayenge.”

The Kashmiri Pandits all across the globe have taken to social media to post videos of themselves repeating the “Hum Aayenge Apne Watan” dialogue from the upcoming move “Shikara”.

“Shikara” chronicles the exodus of Kashmiri Pandits from the Valley on the night of January 19, 1990. It is a theme that has seldom been explored in mainstream Bollywood films.




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