Two bodyguards of ‘strongman’ Bihar MLA arrested in Patna


Two personal bodyguards of ‘Bahubali’ (strongman) Bihar MLA Reetlal Yadav were arrested from Patna’s Danapur locality on Saturday for violations of the Arms Act, police said.

“Police also seized two rifles, one pistol, and one revolver apart from 185 live cartridges from their possession.

ASP, Danapur, Abhinav Dhiman, said: “The arrests of the two persons were made under the special drive to check arms licenses of individuals. A large number of people are obtaining arms licenses from Jammu and Kashmir and procuring weapons without registering it with Bihar Police.

“Such a practice is illegal as it creates fear among common people of Bihar. The arrest of two persons was done on the same charge. When they were asked to present a valid arms license before police, they presented the license of Jammu and Kashmir. When we checked with the database of Bihar Police, it was not registered here.”

Earlier, three more persons were arrested from the bank of Ganga river near Nasriganj Ghat on Friday. They were also having arms licenses obtained from Jammu and Kashmir.



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